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….the brains behind the bobbles. 

Here's our answers to some questions and comments we often encounter…

Are we sisters? 

We are the same height and the same dress size, but no, we are not sisters.  Anna and I (Jo) have been pals for over for ten years, we met while studying art and textiles at college, we went our separate way in the world of work while still continuing our individual creative projects and generally making a (debatable) mess. One year ago with Anna’s bedroom brimming with her knit machine experiments, and my sketchbook brimming with colours and patterns, we decided that two heads are better than one. We joined forces, took our ideas a little more seriously….and Kubixl bobble hats were created!


We wanted a name that was unique, that stood out and reflected the style of our designs, so we made one up! After many weeks of playing around with different ideas, we both chose three letters each, which we re-arranged and developed in to Kubixl.

It comes off! 

If you wish to go pommando, you can wear your hat without its pom...

How do you do that? 

A button and a hole.

Show us your #pomfidence…

When we brainstormed about how we wanted our hats to be described, we knew we wanted people to wear our eye-catching, colourful hats with confidence. we thought pomfidence was far cooler...

Those our some crazy, colourful patterns right there 

All of the patterns on our hats we designed from scratch, pencil and paper style. As you can probably tell, we love bold colours, and geometric shapes, we also love our home town..Brighton! We are both proud to be Brightonians born and bred, we really wanted to create patterns that reflected the character, personality and expression of our city.

OOO, that feels good…

Our bobble hats are made from a premium cotton blend yarn. We are proud to say they are made in Britain, machine knitted by third generation knitwear manufacture to whom we had the pleasure of visiting. We watched our hats being knitted before our very eyes, which was both interesting and mind boggling in equal measures. Every single one of our bobble hats are then checked over by Anna and I, before hand finishing them. We gather the top section by hand, sew on our leather Kubixl labels, and top them with our handmade pompoms.

How much are your hats? 

Our bobble hats are £25. Our price reflects the genuine quality and amount of time and care that we have personally put in to the design and manufacture of each hat.

Any thing else?

Just ask :)